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Will Yosemite affect my Macports installations?


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Will Yosemite affect my macports installations

I have a lot of software installed through macports like python, OpenCV, etc. Will this remain intact after upgrading to Yosemite? I had heard a few complaints form people who had upgraded to Maverciks last year that a lot of their software got screwed up.

Ahmed S

New member
Sep 21, 2014
Re: Will Yosemite affect my macports installations

I don't think it would.

Personally, I use Homebrew, which is my option superior to Mac Ports and much more friendlier. As far as Homebrew goes, neither Homebrew nor the installed applications will be affected by an upgrade to Yosemite. I had it on Mavericks and I installed every single Yosemite Public Beta, zero issues.

When Yosemite was released today, I actually formatted my Mac and did a fresh install. Homebrew installed like charm and I got my applications running without a single issue.

Sorry if this doesn't help much.

John Yester

Moderator Team Leader
May 23, 2012
More then likely with the release of the new OS, you will see updates from software vendors to fix any issues. But most should be compatible. Just make sure you have a time machine backup of you data. Or wait a few extra days for issues to be worked out if you still not sure on upgrading