Will the iPad...


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Jun 9, 2009
I am looking to replace my old eMac with something post OS 10.2. :( I really like the minimalist design of the iPad and am strongly considering adding it to my inventory for mainly use at home & travel where WiFi will be available. It's main function would be for accessing web/email and viewing photos. With, of course, the occasional game (iPad app) and possible streaming music or even reviewing documents (.doc, .xml). I have an HP laptop & iPhone, so I'm not looking for MacBook performance here. And I'm not impressed with the tiny display & slow performance from the Netbooks I've tried thus far. So, I have some questions.

Will the iPad...:

1. Allow installation & operation of Open Office? (like I said, I MIGHT need to access Word/Excel files on occasion. Assuming this can be done using QuickOffice or similar iPhone apps)​

EDIT: just watched Keynote speech & saw iWork.

2. Let me use my flash drive via USB? (specs say "Dock Connector to USB Cable" but I'm assuming I won't be able to access that for accessories)​

3. Have as responsive a keyboard as the iPhone surprisingly is (and I'm guessing based on the millions of touch receptors, this should be a resounding YES here)​

What questions do you have about it's design, function, capabilities...? Feel free to add them or any answers in the comments.
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