Will my 11 pro ordered on Apple.com that says Tmobile be an unlocked phone?


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This is my first time ordering from Apple, in the past I've purchased through the carrier. I've had some off and on problems with Tmobile phone calls not coming through on my 7 plus, sometimes the phone works w/ out problems other times callers get dead air or error messages, but I've been stuck since my phone has a Tmobile chip in it.

I have ordered the 11 pro from the Apple site and paid for it in full with a card but it says Tmobile on the order, I thought it would be quick and easy to contact Apple and verify that my phone will be easy to switch to Verizon if I need to. Four hours later on their chat session w/ 3 different reps I had 2 different opinions and no absolute answer.

One rep said I should cancel my order and start again because the phone I ordered will be locked to Tmobile so I can't take it to Verizon, the next rep said not to cancel because I will go to the back of the line and the phone will only be set up to go with Tmobile so I don't have to take a trip to the store but the phone will be easy to transport to another carrier if I decide to.

Does anyone know what the correct answer is?


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Jan 8, 2012
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According to what’s depicted in the screenshot, your iPhone should be unlocked.


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