Will hardware issues be resolved in 3Gs?


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Jun 11, 2009
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First of all, let me first state that I'm only ASSuming these are harwdware issues since to this point the have not been fixed via several firmware updates.

1) Will it have an updated Infineon/Other chipset that will perform better in areas with bad reception?

2) Will erratic syncing of signal strength between phone receiver and Bluetooth/UserInterface while phone sleep be fixed? A problem most noticable using bluetooth and handsfree auto system where the antenna strength on the car display does not corrolate properly with real signal strength. This can be easily verified ( no bluetooth required) by turning on the phone at a specific antenna strength, turning the phone off, going to an area with a different strength and turning the phone on, you will see the LAST signal strength for a split second before it refreshes to the new signal strength.

3) Possibly a better/longer vibrate mechanism.

Note: I realize these are not issues for 95% of the users, but for us that have bluetooth in the car, coupled with having to drive in areas that go from 'No Service' to full bars, the above first two issues being corrected would persuade me to the new phone without even getting the OTHER software/hardware upgrades!! Anotherwords, I'd pay $400 to get the first two issues resolved, yes it is that bad : - (

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