Will an iptv hide my location on Apple Tv 4K


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Sep 27, 2021
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I live as a retired Dutch guy in Philippines.October 1 Fox, news, movie and Sport will stop their activities in SE Asia.
Pitty for my kid but i have no acces to Formula 1 races anymore.
I have no smart TV but a good Samsung incl. hdmi connections, my old Apple 2nd generation ( Netflix) works fine on it.
Cyber ghost is my computer/ ipad and iphone VPN
I was thinking of buying an Apple tv 4 K and download Cyber ghost
on it and set my location to a country where i can see the Formula 1 races, most likely USA or Great Brittan
I will add an IPTV app and IPTV provider.
Will this work ?
The problem might be in the Apple tv 5k or does a VPN change the complete incoming internet connection?


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Aug 27, 2021
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To second what polikop said, the only successful “location choosing” I have seen work is a VPN.
The VPN software encrypts and first routes to the geo located VPN server (so your ISP knows nothing except your communication is with the geo located VPN server). These communications are stripped of the encryption and, in effect, rebuilt so the destination F1 racing streaming server sees only the geo located VPN server as the communication location origin. Without that process, I don’t see how your location can be sufficiently masked. Not to say it is impossible— I’ve seen bot spoofing on DMZ based servers but we can drill down and still see origin —but you can see the difficulty in masking your location without that VPN process.
I have used ExpressVPN and it has substantial number of servers located around the world. (Note, this isn’t illegal to do in the U.S. though some would consider it a “gray” area activity. If VPNs in the streaming content country are illegal, that is a different legal question).

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