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Wifi problems?!??Help pls!!


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So i have an iPhone 6 Plus.It works great except for my wifi connection.If I switch wifi off and then switch it back on it will randomly disconnect.I've tried resetting my network settings etc but the only solution Thats worked for me so far is rebooting my device.Ok so I read a few articles about iOS 8.According to them there's some sort of a wifi issue that's yet to be fixed idk anyways my question is-since my wifi works seamlessly when I reboot my device but struggles to remain connected when I turn wifi off and then turn it back on or I just happen to disconnect from my router and then reconnect..does this mean it's not a hardware issue like does this have anything to do with my phone or is it just an iOS glitch?


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Mar 13, 2014
If I may ask, what kind of router do you have? Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? Is it Cable or DSL?

In cases like this, it is most likely a network/hardware issue that is not related to your iPhone. Does this happen with Wi-Fi connections outside of your home? I have the Netgear X6 router and they just came out with a firmware update last week to fix Wi-Fi connection stability issues and such. So, my first rule of thumb in this case would be to check your router and firmware to make sure it is updated - if it doesn't already have the latest firmware version. Also, rebooting your network can resolve "stagnation" issues such as this. Also, make sure you phone is updated to iOS 8.1.2. :)