Why won't my phone connect to wifi correctly?


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Apr 22, 2015
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My phone, about three days ago, decided it no longer wanted to connect to my wifi without being forced to. If I don't enter settings and wait for it to "load" (little buffer circle to go away) it won't connect at all.

Now when it does do this, and it could be a while, absolutely nothing on my phone wants to work.. Nothing will load anymore. So then I'm forced to restart my phon, and I'm no longer connected to wifi.

I've got the newest update available to me (8.3iOS) and I've rebooted, hard rebooted, reset network settings... I've done everything I can think and I'm not at a loss.

Help please?

Edit; Forgot to mention that at the same time my email inbox suddenly says I have over 4 billion unread messages... And I can't solve this problem either..

Sekelani Zwambila

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Dec 17, 2012
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What kind of iPhone are you using?
Have you tried a clean install? By setting up has new and seeing if that fixes your problem?
The wi fi thing happens to me at times , not with my home wi fi but my work one. Try backing up your phone and installing a fresh copy of 8.3. Hope this helps
Or you could reset your network settings, from settings, general , rest, then rest all network settings. This will erase all your network and wi fi settings then you'll have to enter in the passwords. This may fix your problem.

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