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Why won't my iPhone 5s turn on?

Kaleigh Van Leer

New member
Mar 8, 2015
my iphone 5s will not turn on

ok so I was at school one day and I went to lunch and used my phone it was perfectly fine. when I went into my next class after lunch I turned on my phone to check the time and it lit up black not showing any color. so I restored my phone later that day and now it wont even light up black and when I plug my phone into the charger or computer via usb cable it vibrates every few seconds. keep in mind that my power button is broken and my phone is cracked :) Please help


Well-known member
Oct 22, 2010
Re: my iphone 5s will not turn on

The only thing that will help is fix the hardware. Sorry to be Captain Obvoius...