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Why won't iTunes 12.x sync to Apple TV 1?


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iTunes 12.x Will Not Sync to Apple TV 1

The iTunes 12.x issue of not syncing music is NOT only related to iOS 8.x. I have an Apple TV 1 and it has taken me a week to resync music after upgrading from iTunes 11.x to 12.x. iTunes 12 will start to sync and then stop sometimes after only one song and other times after several hundred songs. iTunes 12 says it is syncing but the song counter is stopped and nothing is happening. When I force iTunes 12 to stop syncing and then restart, it will continue for another random batch of songs and stop again. It took me a week of on and off watching iTunes 12 start and stop syncing then me forcing a stop and a restart to sync 6,567 songs to my Apple TV 1. So when will Apple fix this new bug in iTunes 12.