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Why won't it let me sign in from games?


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I recently bought a new Iphone but i've been playing a game called clash of clans on my ipod. To link accounts on clash of clans between my iphone and ipod I need to sign into game center. If I open up my actual game center app on my ipod i'm signed in but if I try to sign into game center from clash of clans on my ipod it won't let me. When it doesn't let me it will open up the game center app and just stay there since i'm already signed in. I will then open up clash of clans again and it will say i'm not signed in again. Anything helps, thanks.


Q&A Team Leader, VR Expert
Jun 16, 2009
Are you sure you have the correct Game Center password? Are you getting any kind of error message? It is ALSO possible to link to your Clash of Clans game from within the game. HOWEVER it's better to do it via game center.

If you give up and want to do it through the game here's how.