Why oh Why Did I wait so long


Oct 22, 2011
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1 month ago I changed from Sprint to AT&T and looking back I am like why oh why did I ever wait so long to do so........ Months and months of unusable 3G data with broken promises and false hope of LTE service. I like a loyal Sprint customer of 12 years stood there hoping something would drop soon. Well it did drop soon their network that is. LOL

The reason why I waited so long to do it was their unlimited data. Sprint's data meter always showed that I used 4-6GB a month mind you that is NO tethering and NO streaming, and all WIFI the whole time I am at home. I was like OMG how do ATT and Verizon customers get by with these capped data plans.

After 2 months of my phone being totally unusable at work I switched to ATT and I stress that I used my phone NO different then I did with Sprint data wise that is and ATT records show I only used not even 1GB of data. So looks like Sprint data meters are on the really high side to make their customers stay because they believe they need unlimited data when in fact they are no where near close.

Thank you ATT for wonderful LTE service in my area and I can now use my phone at work. :)


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Aug 1, 2012
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Agreed I don't know why any one tortures themselves or their device on sprints or Tmo network. That's cruel and unusual punishment. Their networks are crappy and cheap. But I'm a firm believer you get what u pay for. Cheaper isn't always better. Some things you just can't go cheap on.

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