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Why my LCD have some white bands?


New member
Sep 19, 2016
Hi, I don't speak good english but I try to explain my Trouble.
This morning I wake and see that my iPhone have some white bands on the display, still working, but only this annoying bands.
First I try to reboot the phone and then do a force reboot. Then I try to disassemble the screen, clean the connectors and make Sure to connect them in the right way, but nothing.
Finally I try to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 10.0.1 but these bands continue to annoying me.
What I've to do? If I don't want to replace it
Thank you guys :)


Active member
Sep 2, 2013
Has the device been exposed to any physical damage? Excess pressure in a back pocket? Heavy objects placed on it? Dropped? Have you "disassembled the screen" before? Could this be the cause of the damage?