Why isn't my iPod being detected by my computer or laptop?


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My ipod will not be detected by my computer or laptop.

I downgraded my iPod touch 4g to ios 4.3.3. It was tethered and would fall into a dfu mode when sleeping. I forgot to install insomnia and it fell into the dfu mode. I tried to restore my iPod several times with itunes only to get error 1600. I believe it may have died in dfu mode so i let it charge with an outlet for a long time. Even after it wouldn't be detected at all. It has a broken power button. Ive tried to enter recovery mode several times to no avail. I know all components have to still be working because it isnt very old. Only one year. Please dont tell me to go get the button fixed because I am a student and cannot afford to at the time. Any suggestions or help would be highly appreciated.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Re: My ipod will not be detected by my computer or laptop.

I won't tell you to get the power button fixed, but I will tell you that unless the power button gets fixed, there's not much you can do in regard to troubleshooting tips. You will have to rely on connecting the power cable to the device to get it to power on and hopefully go into recovery mode in which you should be able to restore via iTunes, but if it does not power on with the cable, there's nothing we can do for you.