Why is this iCloud & iTunes stuff so incredibly difficult to understand?


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I have only had Amdroid before getting my iPhone 6, which I love by the way. Just a personal preference is all. I feel that it has more options and just a lot better phone in my own opinion. However, it is a lot more complicating too. My questions are stuff like why do I have to have iTunes if I do not ever use it? I hear that I have to go through iTunes for this and for that. I was told that I. Like use it instead of iCloud yo upload all of my personal things onto it rather than the iCloud. I don't get that as I barely get the iCloud features. I merged everything to my iCloud when I tapped onto update my iOS and it asked if I wanted to update to iOS 10. Well, had I known it wasn't going to be like downloading the other versions, I definitely would have learned more about it. Here is what I did. I simply downloaded everything that I wanted to keep stored onto the cloud. I did not even mess with iTunes. I also "merged" everything with iCloud too. I do not like merging as I have gotten myself into some difficult situations by doing so. Things can get very messy if you have a computer or multiple devices when I do that. I do not have a computer at this time either but I am in the process of purchasing another one as I am not used to only having access to a cellphone. Anyhow, as I was reading up on Apples website, it was stating that I had to have a computer to do certain things. I any issues with my phone thus far. However, I did not do everything that was required for the download apparently. It told me that I had to have two other things downloaded. Such as an Apple Beta Software Program and one other thing that I have written down here someplace. Regardless, whatever it was is stated on the Apple website. Why do I have to have these things if everything is working correctly? I get worried about messing around with and downloading things that I know nothing about. More often than not, when I do this after my phone is working just fine, it has a lot of issues afterward. So, do I need what they are talking about no matter what? If I were to turn off my iCloud would my photos all still be on my phone? Will I lose everything that I download? 8 just feel like there are so many little details about this costly little device that I do not know about and want to know and understand every detail about. I love it. I find it less user friendly than the Androids, however, more challenging and a lot more variety of things that a person can use on these. I just do not know everything that I am missing. Another example is that I have a Google and a Yahoo account... I have photos spread all over my phone and cannot figure out how to combine the
Into one place. They are literally scattered. It's awful. I just want a normal place where I can easily store my photos and albums easily. My phone looks like a sloppy mess and is completely unorganized. Where can I go to a good website that is fairly understandable to look this stuff up at? Please forgive the long post. I am not a dumb person at all. I am just not great with these iPhones as they have so many options and I am never sure whether or not if I am selecting the correct one or not. One more thing... I am a very private person and I do not share anything with anyone that I do not know personally. Therefore, everything on my phone is set to private too. I am very big on stuff like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. That is, if you actually read this in its entirety. 😕 My apologies for any typos as I am having to type fairly quickly.

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May 1, 2012
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Honestly, Apple is quite new to the services game (unlike hardware and software) and they're still making mistakes and learning from them. That being said, they're slowly but surely getting better. My only recommendation is to ask questions when you have them?you can always do that here?and submit feedback to Apple.

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