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Why is there no call waiting button when I go to settings then phone on my Iphone 6


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When I asked google how to turn on/off call waiting on my Iphone 6 they told me to go to settings then phone then I would see the call waiting button, but it is not there on my Iphone 6


New member
Jul 25, 2015
That's really strange. On my iPhone 6, the call waiting section is right below the call forwarding section. I would probably contact Apple Support (either online or in person) about this issue.


Active member
Sep 2, 2013
It's probably a carrier related thing.

OP, what carrier are you using?

I have Verizon and I don't have "button" for Call Waiting. And I also don't have a Call Forwarding "section". Those options come up when I search in the Settings, but when I touch either one, I just get to the Phone settings and neither of those exists.