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Why is there a calorie difference on my Apple Watch app vs Digifit app?


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Calorie difference on Apple watch app vs digifit app

Digifit has been my workout app for several years. I also wear a Polar Heart Monitor. Since June 1st, when I got my Apple Watch I use both the Apple Fitness app and Digifit. My primary workout is outdoor walking. Most of the key data points are within a point or two of each other. However calories burned is constantly 375 to 400 calories lower on the Watch. This mornings readings are typical of what my walks look like:
Digifit Calories: 1,127 Watch Calories: 726
Digifit Time: 1:32:06 Watch Time: 1:32:12
Digifit Distance: 6.19 Watch Distance: 6.11
Digifit Avg Pace: 14:52 mi Watch Avg Pace: 15.04 mi
Digifit Avg Heart Rate: 119 Watch Avg Heart Rate: 120

Any ideas why calories would be off some much?


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Oct 22, 2010
Re: Calorie difference on Apple watch app vs digifit app

Have you tried pairing your Polar device directly to the Watch?


Dec 25, 2011
Re: Calorie difference on Apple watch app vs digifit app

Is the Digifit counting active calories or all calories? I know the Activity app on Watch only shows active calories.

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