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Why is my iPhone 6 Plus, blank/black and red screen after screen replacement?


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iPhone 6 Plus, Blank/black and red screen after screen replacement

I recently replaced a heavily cracked screen on a friends iPhone 6 Plus.

The phone worked for a week, then the screen went blank/black but phone still on, receiving calls and messages etc.

I then disassembled the phone/screen, going over all connections etc, disconnected battery, doing all kinds of hard resets etc.

When turning it on, the Apple logo appears for a few seconds, then the screen turns blank/black, but it is apparently booting up, it registers in iTunes. Itunes says it needs to be restored, and begins the process, but when the flashing starts(after backup and downloading of ROM), the screen turns all red for a second and then the phone resets, followed by an error message in iTunes (9).

I have also downloaded stock IPSW and tried to restore but with the samme happening with red screen/error message.

I do not have another phone to test the screen with, or another screen to test on the phone with at the moment.

Does this point to defective screen? Logic board? Flec cable(s)?

Any suggestions/help GREATLY appreciated!