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Why is my iPhone 5s lagging while scrolling and dropping frames?


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iphphone 5s ios 8.4.1 my iphone lags when i go to the wallpapers secton in setting and when i scroll through wallpapes the scrolling is not smooth and it stutters alot.and the second thing is that it drops frames at the start of the game and in between the game too.it stutters a little in subway surfers and also in asphalt 8.and the scrolling issue exists mostly everywhere.I have reset and restored it a several times but the problems are still here!

It would be Great if someone could solve my problems.Thanks!


Q&A Team Leader, VR Expert
Jun 16, 2009
Fortunately you don't have to change your wallpaper too much so that should not really be an issue. As for the games, they are both very graphic intensive so I'm not too surprised you are having issues.