Why is my iPhone 4s screen black and un-responsive?


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iphone 4s black un responsive screen and wont charge

i have a iphone 4s 16gb i dropped it the other day, not hard, and the screen went black but i could hear texts etc coming through. when i plugged it into a charger the phone would vibrate various times.

a few days later i presume the battery has died as i cant hear any sound coming through and when i plug it into a charger nothing happens.. all i want is my pictures from this phone but when i plug into laptop nothing happens so cant access itunes or anything.

could this be the lcd? i dont mind buying a new screen and getting it fixed but dont want to waste money on a screen if this isnt the case.

ive tried pressing the home and on/off button at the same time that doesnt work either

someone told me to put in freezer for ten minutes? opinions


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Jan 8, 2012
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The screen is probably unresponsive because you dropped it. It can happen. Either repair/replace it yourself or have it done at a nearby Apple Store or one of the many kiosks that do it in a nearby mall or something. In addition, there could be something else wrong being that iTunes is not detecting the device. Just FYI.