Why is my Apple Watch on Beta 4 so buggy?


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Why is my apple watch on beta 4 so buggy..

i did a setup as new and download beta 4 on it.. siri sucks and barley works, dictation over reply never works..which is killer for me. Does your guys siri work well? i want to downgrade but i can't!!


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Jan 8, 2012
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Why is my apple watch on beta 4 so buggy..

Probably because 'beta' is unfinished software. Anyway, my Watch works great with iOS 9 beta. WatchOS 1.01 worked flawlessly and WatchOS 2 beta 4 works great with a minor glitch or two. Siri works well and replying via dictation never yet to fail me, and it's one of the features I use almost every day. Maybe you should un-pair and then reset the Watch and/or restore your iPhone and set it up as new.