Why is my 4th gen iPod touch stuck on the shutting down screen??


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I've had my 4th gen iPod Touch (32 GB) for about 4 years I guess and I have had problems in the past with it. For example, when i try to crop a picture the entire iPod would shut down, another example is that when I tried to delete pictures the app would shut down. Now recently i accidentally left my iPod charging for two days and when I went to unplug it, the iPod went to the shutting down screen. It has been stuck on this screen for about a week now. I have tried everything, I have shut it off and it goes to the apple icon and then shortly after it goes back to the shutting down screen with the spinning dial. I have restarted it but to no avail still because it stays on the spinning dial. i have plugged it into the computer and still nothing. I have had people say to restore it but I heard that that resets it and deletes everything which I DO NOT WANT, I have many pictures with family, friends, pets, pictures from concerts, and sights from trips in the iPod and I am scared that now they are gone forever!! If need be I can go to the apple store but I'm not sure how much help they can do, I have tried all the tricks that don't delete everything. I really really hope someone can help me because I am now at a loss and am extremely worried that these memories are now gone. Please please help!


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Mar 4, 2015
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Maybe because the hardware has problem, you should go to iCenter to ask them about this issue. It can be fixed when you restore, but you don't want, so you should go to that place...