Why is itunes playing back in mono?


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Please advise. But here is my info first.
1. I AM NOT a computer guru so please answer in laymen terms.
2. I have an HP laptop.
3. I have RealTek Audio
4. I operate with Windows 10
5. I've updated EVERYTHING possible on my laptop including the drivers.

Here's my situation:
When I turn on my laptop and open up itunes my sound is in mono not stereo. I know this because I always test it using a song like The Beatles "Revolution" which was recorded in split left / right stereo in 1968 where the guitars on on the TOTAL right and the drums are on the TOTAL left. But now my laptop is playing it in mono where I hear everything in BOTH speakers. I don't like this because it kills really nice stereo songs. I went to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Playback. Then I clicked on the part that says Speaker/HP (that has an icon of a small speaker) and then click "configure". I then click on "test" and I hear the sound test go left and right which is proper. Then I close out the song and now it sounds the way it supposed to be in split (REAL) stereo! The problem is that once I click out of iTunes and go back into it, the sound of my Beatles Revolution (or any stereo song) is now in MONO again!!!!! :-(. Then I have to do everything I mentioned above all over again! There HAS to be a better way to solve this problem. PLEASE, PLEASE ADVISE!
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I don’t know why iTunes is playing your music in the manner you’ve described, and while awaiting a reply from someone who may know the answer, I recommend you peruse the Windows Central forums for a remedy, if you haven’t already. You can use the following link.


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