Why is iPhone Xs Max Mail app crippled?


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iPhone Xs Max has a wider edge-to-edge panoramic screen than the iPhone [#] Plus series phones, and yet it's Mail app on the iPhone Xs Max behaves in a crippled fashion where it refuses to show the mail list and a full email preview side by side simultaneously. Instead, in landscape mode, it floats the email list ON TOP OF the email content.

Gone is the tap, tap, tap to quickly switch between emails. Instead, every tap hides the mail list and requires you to tap the back button. Worse.... if you scroll the email the back button disappears so it requires another tap to bring it back. So your tap, tap, tap becomes tap x 6 or tap x 9 to switch between the same 3 emails.

On top of that, click "Edit" to select and delete multiple emails and you can no longer see the preview of the selected email as it is selected for deletion. So no way to quickly visually confirm you are deleting the correct email.

The "Plus" iPhones were for the "Road Warriors" and "Power Users" who lived on their phones -- including for professionals -- had to triage email. Reviews of iPhone 6 Plus were glowing about this. The iPhone Xs Max has a bigger and better screen and you pay for it.... Why is iOS 12 crippling the Mail app on iPhone Xs Max to treat it like it has a smaller screen?


Dec 25, 2011
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Only Apple can say why they’ve made their apps any way they have. I’ve personally never liked the stock Mail app and have used third party email clients for many years now. I will download the Mail app again though and see if I can find a way to get it behave like you want to it. If I am able to find a way I will post it here.


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Jan 3, 2019
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Yes, the functionality you desire is now missing from the new native email app on the iphone XS Max. But you can still get this functionality with the Outlook mail app for iphone. It is way better than the old and new, native email app by Apple. Thank you Microsoft.


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Oct 4, 2011
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Apple's mail app has been a failure since launch. face it, emoji's are a priority for apple which is why Apple events spend an extraordinary amount of time gushing over them. Apple needs a dose of Steve Jobs to get the vision back