Why is iPhone no longer apple's best iPod?


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Jan 4, 2009
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When the iPhone was introduced, it was hailed as Apple's "best iPod ever". Apple still considers it to be that, but there are a few things about the iPod on the iPhone that irk me DAILY that the other iPods (nano, classic, shuffle) do not have problems with!

1. On-The-Go playlists no longer sync back to the computer, get deleted as soon as you sync to the computer, you have no ability to save or rename them.

On an iPod nano, you were allowed to keep these as On-The-Go 1, 2, 3, etc. and could rename them in iTunes. On iPhone they are deleted as soon as I connect to the computer. Why the hell is this?

2. Recently Played, Most Played, and Top Rated have to be synced from the computer. This is ridiculous as the iPod nano, shuffle, and classic are able to generate those playlists with data collected from the iPod itself.

This is frustrating for me because an accurate Recently/Most Played list would be very useful for me because genius playlists SUCK for my music collection, and the iPhone's voice commands do not recognize HUGE names in pop music (Beyonce, for example. Even when I read it back as the voiceover pronounced it, like "Bee-ince", it still would not listen to me), so having Recently/Most Played generated from the iPod would be really useful.

And btw I don't use iTunes on my computer because I rarely ever play music from my computer, I find it easier to have my phone docked and use it for music. It's easier to pause when I watch YouTube or play a game, and doesn't use any ram :p

Can anyone correct me on this? Is there a fix?

BTW I am using a Windows PC as I spend my money on phones and not good computers.. :(
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