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Why I didn't pre-order the iPhone 6


Nov 15, 2013

Happy pre-order day, everyone! After some fits and starts, pre-ordering for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus got underway at Apple's online store and on cell carrier web sites in the wee hours this morning. I awoke this morning to find a Twitter feed full of announcements from friends and colleagues sharing details on what model they've reserved. I'm sitting this one out. Let me explain why.

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New member
Sep 11, 2014
I am of the same opinion. I want to touch and feel the phones before I decide and by the time I get to do that they will be sold out everywhere and I will have to wait until mid-October to get one. I have resigned myself to the thought that I will wait and make the right choice because I am going on a 2 year contract this time.

"I am capable of looking on the bright side; I just don't do it very often"


New member
Jul 12, 2011
I agree. I have next Friday off anyways so this will give me the opportunity to handle both phones before making a decision to buy. My 5s will suffice until I do.