why i cannot put App into the folder - after iOS13 update


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using iPhone 8 Plus (HK version) and had upgraded 13.0 last week (13.1 today)

right after update, rush into Arcade to download a couple of games that i wanted to play.

of course i want to put those games into one folder titled "arcade", so i put my finger on one of the game, starting to giggle (shake), so i move one game over the other game to generate a folder.

folder was generated all right, then i realize that first game that i moved now no more giggling (shaking) - while the new folder and the other game app is giggling, the one that i brought into is stop shaking.

feels and actually looks the not shaking one is not inside that new folder i generated....totally different layer that those two (folder with shaking app & app that i pick at the first time)

no surprise enough, nothing i can do but push the home button, everything goes back to previous status, except that new generated folder remain with only one game app in it.

worst thing is that this is not just arcade apps problem...now my iPhone's all apps are not manageable!!!

any advice? the closest Apple Store is about 30 miles from here...but if i cannot get help, i should go there to get some help.
thanks guys, happy Friday!

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