Why has a Cydia tweak failed and why hasn't uninstalling it in safe mode fix the issue?


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I recently jailbroke my ipad 1 running on iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe, i tried to install a custom boot logo using Cydia which resulted in me having to reboot using safe mode to uninstall the package, I then restarted my device but the problem was still there, its causing Cydia to function abnormally making so i cant use it properly and is spacing out the applications on my homescreen, the dock is gone and the lockscreens keypad is out of place including a few other small dysfunctions, i have tried to clean cydia using iClean which seemed to work once before but the problem is still there, I have no clue what to do and have searched for a fix to this problem but couldn't find one, could someone please help me resolve this issue.

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