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Why don't I get my iPhone 6s alerts?


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i phone 6s alerts

i see i have a missed call on i phone 6s screen, but heard no ring tonethen another the ring tone is audible, same goes with text & whtas app alerts

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
Re: i phone 6s alerts

Welcome to iMore! Is it possible that you are putting your phone in your pocket or bag and you're just not hearing it? Try these steps:
1. Turn the volume up using the buttons on the left side of your phone.
2. Keep your phone in plain sight and call yourself from another phone several times. Try to find someone you can text you and have them text you several times as well. Do you hear the phone ring and here the text tone every single time or is it going in and out?
3. If it's going in and out take your phone to an Apple Store.