Why does my iPhone X music change mp3 pictures to the wrong songs?

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Mar 8, 2018
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I used Xilisoft to upload over 1,000 songs when I got my iPhone X a few weeks ago. I would upload at least 50 songs at a time. After I finished uploading all my music I noticed some but not all of my music had the wrong mp3 picture. Korn's ADIDAS had the mp3 picture for a Soundgarden song. So I deleted the song, put the file in a IP3 tag app and deleted the photo (that was the correct photo for that file) saved it. Then opened it up again in the IP3 tag app and put the correct photo in again. I uploaded the song to my iPhone X and it still has the wrong picture but now it is a Kesha mp3 picture. WTF? I repeated this process at least 5 times and everytime I uploaded the file with the correct mp3 picture, it would change it to a different and wrong pic. The crazy thing is if you open up the file it has the correct photo stored but for some reason the music app shows a different and wrong photo.


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Jan 15, 2016
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This looks like a 3rd party software issue. Use iTunes to load your music onto your phone and your album art will show up correctly for each album. We've ripped more cd's than I can count and keep our music on a NAS... I get my music from there (change them from FLAC to MP3) and use iTunes to sync my music onto my phone. My album art shows up correctly. However, I do not use the Apple Music app, I use the JetAudio app for playing music in the car.


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May 6, 2009
It's a big pain especially with a big library, but this will work. You'll have to use iTunes on your computer. Right click on the incorrect or missing artwork, click Get Info, click Album Artwork, I believe it's the second tab near the top. Then tap Add Artwork at the bottom left. From there you can add the correct/missing artwork.

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