Why does my iphone 4c or 4s die on 49%


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Hi there my name is Chloe I am stuck on a problem with my phone and I need help with this Problem my Iphone 4c or 4s I don't know the type of it but some reason it is dying on a 49% and then it turns off I don't know what I can do so Please can you help me asap please

Kind regards chloe


Jun 7, 2010
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Welcome to iMore! I'm sorry you're having issues with your iPhone's battery. Sounds like the battery may be failing as it's a device that is several years old. Apple's lithium ion batteries are designed to retain 80% of original capacity for 500 complete charge cycles and I'm sure you're well beyond that. Your best bet now would be to live with it (and keep a charger handy) or replace the phone with a new/newer model. You may be able to have the battery replaced, but it may be worth updating it so you can get the latest features and avoid any other potential failure.