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Why does my iPad automatically turn off wifi after the screen goes off?


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Ipad automatically turn off wifi after screen off

i have my ipad connected to wifi and works perfectly. after my ipad turn to sleep mode and it gone 10-15 minutes. after I wake it up it doesn't connect to wifi already. I need to reconnect my ipad to wifi to work again. is there any way to automatically connect it to wifi even I doesn't reconnect to wifi. thanks a lot for your feedback.


New member
Aug 17, 2010
Re: Ipad automatically turn off wifi after screen off

Are you referring to a normal W-Fi network or Personal Hotspot? If you're talking about a Personal Hotspot, that is normal behavior, but if you're talking about a normal Wi-Fi network, make sure your try the following (in order): reboot your device, delete and reconfigure the network, reset network settings.