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Why does my earpiece disconnect from my LG cell phone?


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I purchased a JABRA ear piece approx. 6 months ago from a Verizon store. The store
employee paired the device with my cell phone. It seemed to work just fine there in the
When I received my first call I touched the ear piece receive call button and the call was dropped. This went on for several different calls. I tried a different approach by just having the ear piece in my ear and when a call came I would turn on the ear piece and was able to talk for as long as I wanted to. Then at some point I put the ear piece in my ear and turn it on it would respond power on but stopped saying connected.

I contacted the company and was told my phone software was not compatible. However the same cell phone works just fine in my vehicle.


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Jan 8, 2012
Re: why does my ear piece disconnect from my LG cell phone?

I can only assume that your "LG cell phone" is running Android, and therefore, you may best be served by asking your question in the Android central forum. Having said that, you can try re-pairing your Jabra earpiece to your LG phone to see if that helps.