Why does my daughter's iPod give her an error message when she tries to access the store?

Feb 15, 2015
My daughter's ipod is not allowing us to access ther store...

I just submitted this, but was not registered, so I am rewriting it so that I can see responses... When we try to go to the apple store, it tells us this: "CANNOT CONNECT TO THE STORE. A SECURE CONNECTION COULD NOT BE ESTABLISHED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR DATE AND TIME SETTINGS." It seemed like an odd request, but I did and it was connected to Atlanta USA time zone, but the time was ahead by over two hours.

I checked the wifi connection and it was connected to our home wifi which is locked and everyone else at home is having no problems with their wifi connections...

This is an older ipod, but my daughter is special needs and has not played it that much over the years and now that she has an iphone 5c, she rarely plays with it, but now my son who does not have a cell phone wants to play games on it and we can't... can someone please help me?!?