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Why does beta.apple.com/profile take me back to beta.apple.com?


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Why does beta.apple.com/profile take me back to beta.apple.com

I have two different Apple IDs. One is my normal ID and the other is from years ago when I was a member of the iOS developer program. The following problem exists with both.

In attempting to download the iOS 10 beta I cannot get to the point where I can select the device. I can successfully sign in but after signing in the only thing at the top of the page is "Apple Beta Software Program" to the left and "FAQ Sign Out" to the right.

If I sign in with my daughter's Apple ID a totally different page is presented after sign in. The right top of the page includes "Guide Enroll Your Devices Provide Feedback FAQ Sign Out". And it is a "Guide Page" which allows me to chose the device.

Obviously something is different in my two Apple IDs. Does anyone have an idea what is wrong or how to fix this?


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Jan 8, 2012
Re: Why does beta.apple.com/profile take me back to beta.apple.com

You should contact Apple Support regarding this matter.