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Why do some app alert sounds not work on iPhone 6?


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Feb 23, 2016
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why do some app alert sounds not work on iPhone 6?

I have an iPhone 6 with the most current iOS installed. I've tried everything...

**deleted and reinstalled apps
**made sure sound notifications is enabled
**did a soft reset (hold down the 2 buttons until Apple icon appears)
**I "reset all settings"

But...so many app alerts will come with the banner but no sound. Sometimes the sound will word and sometimes not at all. Some app alerts used to always work but now never.

Just very frustrating. I feel like I've tried everything but no solution. I keep on thinking that somewhere, somehow I inadvertently put some apps on "mute" or turned off the volume? Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Thanks in advance...


Oct 2, 2013
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Re: why do some app alert sounds not work on iPhone 6?

I think we all experience this to some degree. Some apps just don't have a sound, even though there's a toggle for it in Settings. I doubt it's your phone though. Most likely the app. If possible, contact the developer.
You can always try a restore as new. Not from a back up. It's a PITA with no guarantees. But who knows? Might help.

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