Why do my iHome iSP5 plugs struggle with HomeKit but not with iHome app or Echo?


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I have 3 iHome iSP5 plugs in my home. I have them set up on the Home app (with an AppleTV 4 as the hub) so I can control them via Control Center on my phone or Siri. About 30% of the time, 1 or 2 plugs will show as "unavailable" in Control Center and the Home app, yet if I ask my Echo to turn it on or off, it works just fine. It's a really annoying little thing - every plug has the current firmware, and every plug works 100% of the time with the iHome app or my Echo. It's just in the Home app/Control Center/Siri that they struggle occasionally and randomly. It's frustrating because when they are "unavailable," they obviously don't work on their scheduled times either. Thoughts?

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