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Why do my ear pods not work?


New member
Oct 13, 2015
Why does my ear pods not work?

I bought my 5s in October last year and only tried the ear phones the other day. They made loud sound and stopped working on phone, they still work on my Ipad though. Would this still be covered by warranty as I had never tried to use them before? I also have no Apple store near me within a few hundred miles to get repaired.


Apple Watch and AirPod Champion, Ambassador
Nov 2, 2009
Re: Why does my ear pods not work?

Call Apple and explain the situation, they are pretty good about replacing things that go bad. I have had a few pairs of headphones and some Lighting cables replaced without question.


New member
Jan 14, 2011
Re: Why does my ear pods not work?

The fact that they work on one device endnote the other is a good indication that they DO WORK. On the device they re not working I would check the port where they plug in with canned air to make sure there is no blockage from dust/dirt and if that proves to work - Great! If not Genius Bar if it makes a difference to you anti would me even with the miles to drive When ou decide to make the appt. ask them if your warranty covers this which I think it does.

One last thing, Do you have another pair of headphones that you know works and try them to isolate the question you started the thread with.