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Why do all communication apps (whatsapp, telegra, skype) crash before i can open them?


New member
Apr 23, 2017
I just got a second hand iphone 6s (from a trusted retailer) and for some reason all apps work apart from all communication apps (whatsapp, telegram, skype). they just crash before i can open them, I have rebooted, restarted and reinstalled apps and ios several times, still no luck...

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
Welcome to iMore! When you're reinstalling iOS are you doing it using recovery mode and iTunes or are you simply erasing all content and settings? Also, are you restoring from a backup or setting it up as a new device?

I recommend using recovery mode and connecting to iTunes. This will wipe your iPhone completely and then reinstall iOS. Once that process is complete set your iPhone up as a new device rather than restoring from a backup. This will give you a clean slate from a software standpoint. Install your communication apps one at a time and test before tinkering with any settings on your device.


If you're still having issues at that point then it's very likely a hardware issue.