Why did restore take longer than reinstalling Vista?


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Dec 15, 2008
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For the past few months my sleep/wake button has been slowly sinking into the body of my iPhone 3G. It still works, but it is hard to push and annoying. My warranty is nearly up so I called Apple. They replaced it and the replacement came yesterday. I plugged it into my laptop and restored from the back up of iPhone.

That process proceeded to take 4.5 hours. The restore process took 2.5 hours at least before I was out of things to do around the house and had to leave to run errands. When I left it was still only at about 80% complete so who knows how long it then took while I was gone. When I got back a few hours later it was done but the only thing on there were the default apps on their respective pages where I had them. I then had to perform a sync to put all the apps and media back. This took just under 2 hours to sync; 5GB music, 3GB videos, 330MB photos, 2.88GB of apps. All my settings and data are back and it's just like my old iPhone now. But it just really boggles my mind as to why it takes so long.

About a month ago I decided it was time to reinstall Vista. I Was able to reformat my HDD (full reformat not the quick one, 250GB), reinstall Vista, reinstall all drivers, install all updates and service packs, and then restore my system via my LIVE OneCare backup all in less than 3 hours. This also involved moving my folder full of my media off my external HDD, about 80GB worth of stuff in all.

I just don't get how installing a 250MB OS took longer than it did to reformat a HDD, reinstall a huge OS, and transfer 80GB worth of stuff over USB.

Ideas? Is my iPhone just messed up?


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Jul 13, 2008
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I'm wondering if you had a virus scan or Windows defender running in the background of the pc during the restore of the iPHone.

Albeit, weird...


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May 7, 2009
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My restore normally go like a 10-20 minutes fast but but restoring from backup takes a couple hours.
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