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Why did Apple take away "back to my Mac"?


New member
Dec 3, 2018
In the Mojave operating system update Apple took away the very useful "back to my mac" feature which allowed you to connect using your appleid to your computer at home or at work as long as it was connected to the network or internet. They seemed to have replaced it with a network only feature. This was a very useful feature that I used a lot and had I known I would have been loathe to upgrade.


New member
Apr 26, 2011
I have no idea and did have to reconfigure my AirPorts for the errors to stop.

There are a lot of solutions that do remote desktops and control. Some are cross platform. They all need and get security updates. It might be that use plus competition made this a fight not worth picking. I miss their abandoning the AirPorts more than this feature.

I pretty much never used Apple’s solution once I started using others and also found GoToAssist worth the money. Quite a few of my users choose the GoToMyPC consumer or end user variation. Some use VNC.