Why did an upgraded iPhone lose data when the old iPhone was reset?


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Hi Everyone, well here's the situation. Got a sister-in-law in Canada. We are in Central America. Sister-in-law updated her iPhone 4 to a 6s and gave my wife her 4. My sister-in-law "wiped " - I can only assume a factory reset - the contents of the 4. My wife turned on my sister-in-law's 4, verified there was no content although sister-in-law's basic information was still there. Then my wife went into her personal iPhone 4s and used a program called iS Contacts Kit, an app from Apple. It retrieved all my wife's contacts which she then sent to her email account. She opened her email containing these contacts with my sister-in-law's iPhone 4.
Then the paranormal happened. My sister-in-law's contacts and pictures appeared, along with my wife's contacts in the 4 (These were not present when sister-in-law's 4 was initially turned on. Sister-in-law's data was then deleted by my wife by a downloaded program (preserving my wife's contacts). My sister-in-law messaged us and said all of her data was gone, on both her new iPhone, her iPad and her iCloud. Wife downloaded a program and was able to retrieve sister-in-law's notes, contacts and all pictures. Then iPhone 4 was backed up to iCloud but Apple and sister-in-law can't see the data in iCloud. Yet my wife verified it's existence by being visible on her Apple laptop. We've been in contact with Apple, but my sister-in-law simply can't see the contents of her iCloud, yet my wife can (only on her laptop though). Confusing? Yup. My wife has been working on it steady for two days, and decided to express return the original phone to my sister-in-law. Being the husband watching from the side, I thought I'd tap into the Internet's best and get some sort of an opinion on what she should do. For greater clarity, we don't want to unlock the iPhone 4 yet, just get the data back to our sister-in-law!