Why choose iPhone as a third generation mobile?


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Jun 17, 2009
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There are number of smart phones like Blackberry Storm, LG Dare, and LG Voyager are available in the market but the main reason to choose iPhone is obviously its function , features and application that iPhone provides. The display of iPhone is not only smooth but also more responsive as compare with other mobiles. Beside this iPhone has a heat sensitive flush screen with one-touch access to apps on the iPhone with great sensor detection. The screen is also capable of rendering up to 262,144 colors and more.

The market price of iPhone is quit higher as compare with other smart phones. Beside this the iPhone has a great demand in market due to its satisfaction functionality that only iPhone can provide. The iPhone Application not only support wide variety of user requirements, from teens to adults, but also offers mind blowing applications that one can not imagine. In iPhone a person can get optimum use of its software and hardware.

On July 11, 2008, the iPhone 3G was released. It supports faster third generation data speeds and Assisted GPS.The 3G iPhone have 128MB DRAM and a flash memory up to 8 to 16 GB. iPhone requires minimum hardware interface and provides more user interface while using iPhone applications.

Iphone is a third generation Revolutionary device having wide flush multi-touch screen and a great resolution screen with 480?320 pixels. iPhone has Built-in rechargeable, non-removable battery. The iPhone features an internal rechargeable battery. It is not user-replaceable, similar to the batteries of existing iPods, and unlike those of most existing cellular phones. iPhone sustain variant of various application, such applications are so much unusual which you can?t get in traditional mobile phone. Moreover, iPhone it self contain various multimedia applications, visual voice mail, portable media player (iPod) and of course a GPS functionality.

Perception system has knowledgeable expert?s programmer who are working on iPhone Application Development. Perception System has developed various iPhone Mobile Application & Website Development, iPhone Programming. We can make third party iPhone applications for such a revolutionary device up till now and moving ahead.


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Jun 4, 2008
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This has been copied and pasted to a few sites on the web. It's just spam for perceptionsystem.com. They want people to hire them to create iPhone apps, although their grammar is terrible and they've only created one app in the whole year the app store has bee around, a smoothie recipe app.

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