Why can't I view pdf attachments on my iPhone 6 using gmail?


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Can't view pdf attachments on iPhone6 using gmail

When I try to view the attachment on my iPhone, a pdf file that I myself emailed from my computer to a colleague, all that opens is a page that at first glance appears blank but, upon a closer look, it appears that all the text is scrunched up in one or two small lines at the very top of each page. My colleague had the exact same problem viewing on his iPhone & iPad. I use gmail and I can view the attachment just fine if I open it from my PC computer.

Nothing works...the Adobe Reader app, copying it to iBooks, etc., nothing opens it on my iPhone.

This seems to have started happening after I downloaded the Adobe Reader DC, thinking I was updating (improving) pdf capabilities. But it could've started after recent iOS upgrade, I just don't know.

Please help, I send pdf's all the time for work! I've searched online, no help at all, although lots of similar complaints.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Can't view pdf attachments on iPhone6 using gmail

I just emailed myself a .pdf file to my gmail account and then used my iPhone to retrieve it. I was able to view the attached .pdf file via the native Mail app without a problem. The text was not "scrunched up" at all and I was able to read it without any problems. By the way, I'm using an iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 10 Beta 1.

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