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Why can't I text one person I use to be able to text?


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i recently changed carriers and updated to a iPhone 6. My children also updated to iPhone 6 and are on the same carrier. My sister also updated to a iPhone 6 plus but is on another carrier. My children have no problem texting my sister. I seem to have the problem. She has not blocked me and I have not blocked her. When I text a message I get the message ( phone number in blue with 6 digits) followed by "Error Invaild Number. Please resend using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code." Her number is in my contact with 10 digits. Also at the top where the name should be is [redacted]. I have reset my phone, reset network settings, removed her from my contacts, deleted all text from her, rebooting each time. I also got another iPhone 6 thinking it maybe the phone itself. When I received the 2nd iPhone 6 I did a back up from the 1st iPhone 6 phone and restored data to my new iPhone 6. I was able to text her at that time. How ever I noticed I did not get all my information back. So I went back and restored iPhone from a earlier update. Since then I am not able to send a text to my sister. Please help!!! My email is redacted. Thank you.
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Jan 8, 2012
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Delete the contact information for your sister, reboot the iPhone and then create a new contact for her with the correct information.


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Mar 16, 2010
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I had that happen once when I accidentally sent a text to my mom's land line instead of her cell. Do you have the correct number?

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