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Why can't I add anymore events to my calendar?


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I can't add anymore events to my calendar

Update to iOS 7 took away my ability to add anything to my calendar app. I do not have a default calendar option in my settings, and using cloud is pointless, all it had were my contacts and pictures, that took all space I had available.
So my red plus icon is greyed out, so I can no longer add any events or appointments. How do I reverse this without having to reset my whole phone again?


Oct 2, 2013
Re: I can't add anymore events to my calendar

Welcome to iMore! I'm not sure what all you have done and what you have. Are you saying that photos and contacts take up your free 5 gb if iCloud storage? If so, download Box and upload your photos to it. Then delete them from your Photos app. Why can't you add events? Lack of iCloud storage? I never heard of that. How many photos do you have on your phone? Box gives you 10 free gb if storage. Dropbox gives you 2 free gb of storage. OneDrive gives you 30 free gb of storage. Go to iCloud and turn Calendar on. It's difficult to say what you should do because you don't give enough information about your situation. We need details.

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