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Why are my Albums in Photos for Mac visible in the iCloud Photo Library and not on my macbook?


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My older albums in Photos for mac are not visible. Even after syncing with iCloud Photo Library. When I search Photos on the mac the album name appears in the search list and I can view the photos in that album. The albums are just not visible on any of my devices, only in the cloud. If I search for the album on my Iphone 5S, the album is revealed but with no photos.

How can I get the albums to also sync correctly? We are talking about over 10,000 photos that were nicely organized into folders and albums after initially importing from Iphoto and subsequently syncing with iCloud Photo Library.

I ran into some sync issues regarding the number of photos on each device, ipad 4, Iphone 5S Macbook Pro 13. When I deactivated iCloud Photo Library on my Ipad 4, all my albums were wiped on all my devices. Only the albums remained in the cloud. Now the albums are in the iCloud Library, no longer in Folders, and only reveal themselves on my macbook pro when I search for the specific album title.

How can I get my albums to reappear in photos on the mac and other devices. They must be there someplace, just not visible.


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Jan 8, 2012
Try signing out of iCloud on your devices and then signing back in afterwards, be sure to enable the toggle next to iCloud Photo Library in the Photos setting.

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