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Why are apps CONSTANTLY force closing? iPad2


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I have an iPad2 and the apps keep force closing. It varies from app to app. Sometimes, apps won't even open. It will show the loading screen and then close after ages of loading. This can occur multiple times in a row and then work, or never work at all. Some apps will open properly, but it will close at random points. I have reboot my iPad multiple times but it still provides the same results with no fixes. Does this have to do with iPad age? Or is it the simple fact that it's an iPad2? This is probably a dumb question to ask, I find it hard that this problem could somehow be fixed, but I'm also curious as to how or why this happens.


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Jan 8, 2012
These apps that you're referring to, how did you install them on your iPad 2? Did you install them via the official App Store? If so, are they the latest version of the apps and are you running the latest iOS version that your iPad can take? Please join the iMore Forums and reply in this thread. Thank you..