Why am I unable to hear my boyfriend during FaceTime calls?


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Dear readers,

When I try to call my boyfriend on the other side of the world using facetime, it is connecting and i can hear how he picks up. He can hear me talking but unfortunately I can't hear anything.
I use an Iphone 5 and both of us have the IOS 8 installed.
My Emailaccount and my phonenumber are connected, we never had problems. But since i returned home from a visit it is all "****ed up".
We still have internet and nothing about anything ever has changed since i used facetime when it still worked properly...

I really hope someone can help :/

Regards, Hannah


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Oct 22, 2010
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Re: Problems with Facetimecalls

Try signing out of and turning off FaceTime... Reboot the phone... Then turn it back on and sign in again.