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Why am I unable to delete some photos from my iPhone 6?


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Can't delete some photos from my Iphone6.

I tried to delete, bit no trash can to delete. I go to settings and photos, and turn on I cloud photo library, but you have to delete all photos. I only want to delete what I don't want.


Active member
Sep 2, 2013
Re: Can't delete some photos from my Iphone6.

Did you sync those pictures from a computer using iTunes?

If so, you need to use iTunes to remove them.


New member
May 28, 2016
Yes, I may have synced it to a computer. I've had the iPad for many years and have had many computers. In any case, I'm away from them now and whatever computer it was may no longer be available to me. I've trashed or recycled a number of them in the past couple of years. I urgently need to delete some old photos.

Ariel Babalao

New member
May 8, 2014
Re: Can't delete some photos from my Iphone6.

Try this: connect your iPhone to your new computer, open up iTunes, select your iPhone and select photo from the left pane list, the check sync photos, then check selected folder, in the folder window, don't check anything, then hit apply button at the lower right corner of iTunes window. Let it sync and once sync is completed, check to see if photos that was syncs are gone or not.
If this works, notice that all the photos that was once sync from another computer iTunes to your iPhone will be gone forever. Make sure that you upload to another application such as file hub or alike or even drop box the photos that you want to keep, prior syncing with iTunes as I suggested above. Hope it works.