Why am I having trouble with the app store for larger apps?


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When I update these large apps like Order and Chaos for example it doesn't operate right. In the app store I click the update and it will start. The icon on the background Ipad 2 will be dark. I click that then it will start updating. The update lengths are different from the app and in the app store. The app on the home screen will sit at installing for longer than it should with a hair size sliver left to go. The app store still has a ways to go and sometimes it restarts. The home screen will eventually act like it installed and I will go into the app and it then it says it needs updated. I go to app store it says it's still updating then the home screen app will be black again. I completely delete the app and Install it again then it works. With the automatic updates turned off ill get a white icon app with lines of the one I just downloaded on a Iphone 5s. When I delete it, it will appear again after a bit. I did have the app on this other device but I deleted it. I also have an Iphone4 the app is on I deleted it because most apps turns white during downloads or updates. I am unsure what to do here and I am not at the latest firmware. 9.2 for the Ipad, 9.2.1 for the Iphone 5s and 7.1 for the iphone 4. The Iphone 4 is the only one jailbroken which hasn't been an issue and this app store problems I'm having started out of nowhere. I didn't download anything for it to happen just started to update an app.

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Sep 24, 2013
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My AppStore was slightly glitched as well and a restore helped to rectify the issue. However, since you said that you are on iOS 9.2, I'd recommend updating your iPad to the latest version of iOS. Updating to 9.3.2 won't ruin your chances of being able to jailbreak your device in the future.

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